Mindbody Online VS Namastream

These are two separate platforms. You will have a log in for Mindbody Online and a separate log in for Namastream. If you need to change your email address along with your password please email

How to find rates for online classes?
  • Click the icon to the left of this F.A.Q. Center. “Click below to Practice Now” You will be directed to a new home page in a separate browser. “Create an account” will appear on the home page. You can skip the create an account for now. Click on “shop” and you can view options for purchasing yoga online without creating an account.
Downloaded Files VS Online Streaming
  • Namastream is similar to a Netflix subscription where you can live stream a class at any time and you will not download files. Please make sure your internet browser if fully up to date or you could experience errors in live streaming. We love Chrome!
  • Namastream is not an app on a smart phone so be sure to log into the core software. 
  • Bookmark The Yoga Stand Namastream url for easy access.
Accessing Videos

Log in, go to “Products” and view your purchases. Click “View Products” then navigate to “Included Content” to begin viewing videos.

Coupon Code
  • Before you enter your payment information; look for the header that says “Order Summary,” then the link “I have a coupon code.” Enter your code and press “Check.” The amount will adjust to reflect the coupon. Enter payment information and “Purchase Product.”
  • Make sure you have created a username and password prior to entering the coupon code
  • Email if you need additional assistance
Slow Streaming, Continual Buffering, or Video Problems
  • Stop other files from downloading on your device
  • Close any websites that might be constantly updating
  • Close programs out to increase the speed of your computer
  • Only have one namastream open at a time
  • If you are using Wifi, public hotspots may slow things down; try on your network for better results
  • Contact for more technical support
Cancel Anytime
  • We’ll be sad to see you go but totally understand. Log in under “My Account” and go to “Purchases”. From the drop down, menu select “Cancel.”
  • No refunds will be issued for our offerings so please take full responsibility by making a note of your billing date.
Update Billing Information
  • We have to do this for you due to our merchant service provider. Please reach out via email( and request that someone give you a call to update your billing information. 
  • We cannot see your card details on Mindbody Online due to the encryption process enforced for your security. You will have to give us the card details, again in order to update Namastream.

Submit any feedback on your experience with online classes at We enjoy hearing your requests for what you are looking for when doing online classes.


Since you are at home, and not in the studio….go shopping! We have sold Manduka products for many years in our physical studio and love them!
Please put the code, LOVETYS, in the discount code area in the manduka checkout window. Just to be clear; this does NOT give you an additional discount. You will, however, receive free shipping over $75 in the United States. This code is a little warm and fuzzy to support your local studio. We appreciate your support more than words can express. Thank you!




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