Well, we did it! We taught our final classes as students, wrapped up the final pieces of training, received our 200 hour RYT certificate, and got a key to the studio in this final training weekend.

It was a whirlwind of activity, but on our last day, as we began saying our goodbyes and our closing sentiments, it really hit me what a powerful life changing experience it had been. I am not the same. I have been through a metamorphosis, really. It wasn’t easy!

I had to face things, do things, and think about things that were way out of my comfort zone. But those experiences and challenges have taken me to a new, beautiful place, far beyond what I expected out of the deal. Yoga teacher training changed me for the better, and I know the things I experienced and learned there will keep on changing me for a long time to come. It was a powerful experience that I will always cherish!

It’s still a bit surreal to realize that I am now a registered teacher. My name is on the schedule for the class I will start teaching later this month. Cool! I feel ready and excited to jump in. I attended my first staff meeting yesterday. As I looked around that circle of teachers assembled there, I was struck by what an amazing, talented, powerful group of people it was.

I feel so privileged to be counted among that group, and such a responsibility to fill my place with the same high standards of integrity, service and healthy energy that they all portray.

As I began to think about writing this final teacher training article, I asked myself what I would consider to be my most significant change or growth between the last training and post-graduation? It occurred to me that I have made a pretty major jump from being driven by the energy or motive of “how do I teach yoga?” to “why do I teach yoga?”

A month ago I was consumed with memorizing poses and sequences, and learning how to teach a class. Today, I feel much more comfortable with that and find myself thinking a lot about why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Yoga changed my life, and I feel a passion about sharing its amazing healing power with others. I am so excited about the privilege to teach at The Yoga Stand! The integrity, loving support, and high standards of this community are over-the-top! Thank you TYS teacher trainers for such a phenomenal life-changing experience and opportunity!