How could we possibly need guidelines around something so simple as drinking water? (A water recipe and how to calculate how much to drink are ahead, keep reading ⬇︎)

As absurd as it sounds, we do.

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As a nation, we consume more of everything we shouldn’t be (fruit juices, soda, coffee, alcohol) and less of the stuff we actually need to maintain a healthy body and mind (good, filtered water). Staying well hydrated will help you look younger (dehydration makes wrinkles worse), fend off the afternoon cravings, and maintain energy all day. There are so many reasons to focus on your daily water intake.

But did you know there’s a way to drink to help your body and mind thrive? Let’s discuss.

1. Sit down to drink your water. Get present with your hydration.
2. Sip slowly. One-half a cup of water every hour, 1 cup in the summer months. Chugging water doesn’t give your body a chance the absorb it, and it will just move straight through you.
3. Drink room temperature water. It’s cleansing to the digestive system and encourages more circulation.

4. Sip water with meals or avoid it altogether while eating. The general rule: 50% food, 25% water, and 25% space for digestion. Avoid drinking a lot of water right before or after a meal.
5. When you are thirsty drink but drink only water. No other liquid is as hydrating, and most are dehydrating (coffee, tea, alcohol…)
6. Watch the key indicators, dry lips, and urine color—a slightly yellow to clear urine indicates hydration success.

Here is a simple formula to determine how much water you should drink every 24 hours:

Take your weight and divide it by two. For example:

150÷2 = 75

Drink half your weight in ounces of water every 24 hours. So, in this case, 75 ounces of water.

You can see here how in many cases the general rule of 8, 8 oz glasses of water a day would leave a lot of people falling way short of meeting their hydration needs.

Don’t like the “taste,” or lack thereof, of water?

Dress it up with even more hydrating properties.
Take 1 liter of room temp, filtered water
1 organic lemon, sliced
1 organic lime, sliced
1 organic cucumber, sliced

OR combine filtered water with
3 grapefruit slices
2 twigs of fresh thyme

Add it to an airtight jar or water container and let it sit overnight at room temp. Slowly sip throughout the day. So refreshing and tasty.

Your body is a flowing river, not a stagnant pond or a gushing waterfall. You need to feed the flow for continuous health gently. Regular sips of water all day long will continuously move impurities out of your body, maintain hydration, and support all you want to accomplish.

With love and gratitude,
Haley and the TYS team