Yoga gives me a peaceful feeling of self appreciation and allows me to simply press pause at any given moment to just breathe…yep! It’s just that simple.

I have been doing Yoga at The Yoga Stand for about 2 years. Yoga increases my flexibility in my golf swing and the strengthening of my middle core & legs allows me to stay on the ski slopes a lot longer in Taos! The instructors at The Yoga Stand are awesome and make it enjoyable for beginners as well as experts!

For 75 minutes, I can leave my burdens at the door. It is my “me” time. I can just be. No demands, no pressure and no judgment. Only breath. Practicing at The Yoga Stand is OMazing! My yoga mat is my mirror. It strips me down and forces me to see every part of myself: the bad, the good, the ugly, the beautiful. It only speaks the truth. My mat sees my judgments, bad habits, negative thinking, and unrealistic expectations. It also sees my hopes, dreams, and knows the person that I can be. I cannot lie to my mat. My mat is my mentor, guiding me through the process of letting go. Letting go of the pain of failed relationships and of not living up to the expectations of others. When I step away from my mat, I leave a just little bit stronger and a little bit braver.

Yoga has shown me that I can run through crowded airports, get completely soaked in a thunder storm, and get pulled over for speeding in a 24 hour day all with a smile on my face… Because no matter what my circumstances are, I’m exactly where I need to be. Namaste from Universal Studios Orlando.

When I decided to give yoga a try I had never done it before and needed something active. I was feeling weak and had little energy. I signed up for one month. If I didn’t like it, one month wasn’t a long commitment. I dedicated myself to attend faithfully 3-4 times a week. I have just finished my third month and am still going. I feel stronger now and energized. I’m looking forward to how different I will feel after 6 months or even a year.

Yoga taught me how to live, not just exist, but how to live. Yoga awakens my soul, puts vitality in my life, and clarity in sight. It gives me a vision for the future and a healing of the past. Yoga is not what I do; it is who I am. Yoga reconnects me to my body, balances my mind, and restores my soul.

Yoga is nonjudgmental; it props you up wherever you are and makes you whole (again). It’s like magic.  Haley and the other instructors are the best guides on it’s journey.

One word ‘Balance’ started my journey with Baptiste Yoga in 2012. In addition to improved balance in all aspects of my life; I have seen improvement with strength, flexibility, focus and how the breath is at the center of the process of growth. It is a process started but never ending.

Years ago, chronic illness and weight-gain pushed me out of a body that felt heavy and broken. The Yoga Stand gave me back my sense of strength and power; opening me to self-love for the first time in over a decade and allowing me to feel lighter and healthier in a way that I had completely forgotten was possible. I was tempted to just write, “The Yoga Stand gave me back to myself.”

Haley and her staff at The Yoga Stand are family. I love the positive energy and sense of calmness I feel the minute I walk into the studio after a hectic day. It is a “safe haven”, free from electronics and interruptions – a place to explore the possibilities. At 50, I am discovering new things about myself which transfer “off the mat” into my life. One day, you may just pop up into that headstand with no effort at all. One day, you won’t react to a volatile situation because you are calm and un-messable with. One day, you will choose fruit over candy just because it makes your body feel better. One day, you will choose to be a “Yes.”

The top of the list about what I love about yoga are: it helps me to sustain my reflexology practice by strengthening and stretching my hands, arms and shoulders. I enjoy the encouragement of the Mind Body connection that the instructors remind us to do. The endorphins released from my Yoga practice are so wonderful in helping to keep me HAPPY!!

Yoga is terrific! It is a moving meditation and a wonderful combination of physical, mental and spiritual development. It meets you where you are and challenges you at the same time. Everyone should do yoga!

I am 35 yrs old wife, mother of two, and a full time nurse. I love yoga because it is a full body workout that helps you relieve stress. When things are crazy at home or work I can go to yoga and I get refreshed and empowered. I have learned I have to be physically and mentally healthy to take care of all my responsibilities and that’s what yoga does for me. It cleanses me body, mind and spirit. They tell you throughout the class to let it go and if you can actually let it go, you will reap the benefits that yoga has to offer. Yoga has been such a blessing in my life and I plan to continue the practice for the rest of my life.

What does yoga mean to me? It means Life! Health! Happiness! and Peace! It means Energy! Flexibility! and Strength! I feel younger today than I did two years ago. Now that is a miracle! I thank God daily for bringing Haley and yoga into my life. I acknowledge Haley for following her dream of owning a yoga studio. It is such a pleasure to be a part of her journey, watching Haley grow and evolve. It is exciting watching the studio grow too. I enjoy taking class under the new instructors. Every instructor is unique has something to offer and share. I love being a part of the community and one of it’s very first members!

For several years I had been in search of a long term physical and mental exercise regimen. Then I found The Yoga Stand about 2 1⁄2 years ago, which was a perfect match for mind, body and soul! The heat of the studio obviously helps limber you up and detox, but it provides other benefits as well. I find every routine challenging. The mental focus that is required to finish each session is a workout in itself. I think the mental toughness it takes is what I appreciate the most. Finishing each yoga session is an accomplishment. I leave The Yoga Stand, feeling relaxed and refreshed. I have a calm about myself that I carry throughout the day. I feel that I am reversing the damage that I have done to my body. It has become part of my weekly routine and I can tell when I miss a session or two. Not only in the way that my body feels, but my mental clarity as well.

Yoga for me is my cup of morning coffee… It gets my day off to a great start. It’s a way to wake up, stretch, and feel invigorated and alive. I am able to meditate, and have a quiet moment to reflect and pray with gratitude filling my day with joy.

Yoga provides me with restoration, health, and balance. Through the union of body and breath, it allows my unconscious mind to be unveiled and observed in a neutral way. I am able to unload the stress from the day and renew. The exercise itself provides me with body awareness that allows me to avoid postural problems and move in an ergonomic way. I believe this helps prevent injury and this is especially beneficial for me as a surgeon. Every time I practice it leaves me with a feeling of peace and freedom.


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