• Application Fee = $100
  • Deposit Fee = $400 (upon acceptance)
  • Tuition Fee = $3395* (see payment options below)

Payment Options

$2886 = Save 15% when you pay in full, in cash by December 5, 2020.

$3055.50 = Save 10% when you pay in full (credit card) by December 5, 2020.

$3395 = Pay in full by January 5, 2021.

$891.75 x 4 = Pay as you go, due at the beginning of each module (+5%)**

$302 x 12 = 12 month payout (+7%)*

*Course books and materials required are not included, the list of required materials will be handed out upon acceptance into the program.
**For ease of bookkeeping, each percentage rate amount has been rounded up to the nearest dollar.

TYS Teacher Training Policies

100% attendance is required. Please refer to “Attendance Policy” below for make-up session requirements.

Students must come fully prepared for immersion training. Please bring meals and snacks for the entire day, extra clothing, and any materials needed for the weekend’s scheduled courses. You will need to be present for the entire scheduled time each weekend. Cell phones may be checked during breaks but are not allowed in the studio during class/practice times.

During the program, you will be expected to practice in-studio 3-4 times per week, attend one practice teaching session per week and upon completion of the assisting module, assist one class per week. Homework will also be assigned and must be completed before the next scheduled weekend session.

Attendance Policy and Makeup Sessions

Graduation from our program requires the student’s attendance at all training sessions. Any absence must be approved in advance by our program director. We do not accept unapproved absences and they may result in dismissal from the program. In this case, graduation will be at the sole discretion of the program director.

Should you have to miss a session due to illness or an emergency (not all sessions are available for makeup), a private session must be scheduled at a rate of $150/hour. Certification cannot be granted until all hours are completed. 

Please make every effort to graduate with your class.

Tuition & Refund Policy

Upon receiving an acceptance email, the applicant will be charged a deposit of $400 on their credit card upon acceptance. Please follow the deadline for completing your total tuition payment that is found on our website each year.

If applicant withdraws from the program after acceptance, but before the program starts, $400 from applicant’s deposit amount will be retained by the program.

The program will not give any refunds or credits after the training starts. The program reserves the right to cancel any training before it begins. In that case any payments applicants have made will be refunded in full.

If you should need to cancel and withdrawal from the program all together please communicate with the Program Director to arrange refund options. If you used a credit card fees will be deducted from the tuition amount paid to cover credit card fees.


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