Do I have to be at a “certain level” of yoga to do training? Do I need to be able to do crow/handstand/insert any pose name to do a yoga teacher training?
Absolutely NOT! Yoga is accessible for everyone. We expect all levels of experience to be in our yoga community. As a participant you will learn soon enough that the physical poses are a very small part of yoga.  No specific amount of yoga experience is required.
What happens if I need to miss a day during the teacher-training course?

We are very understanding that life happens and we do out best to accommodate these situations, however, we do want you fully present for the majority of the program. Please contact the studio owner, Haley Bevers, about these situations so they can be discussed one and one. Our main priority is we want The Yoga Stand to be a fit for you and the Teacher Training program.

Finances are tight. Is there any way to pay the yoga teacher training cost over time?

In order for more students to afford our program, we have several payment options including a payment plan where you can pay for the program over 12 months. We also have a pay as you go option that allows you to pay by module. We do require a deposit to secure your space in the program.

I don’t think I want to be a yoga teacher? Is that okay?
Oh yes, this is OK! Teaching is not for everyone, however, the life skills developed in this program regarding public speaking are priceless! This program is fantastic for anyone that just wants to deepen his or her yoga practice and knowledge of yoga as a lifestyle. At The Yoga Stand, we have a revolving door meaning we know that doors open and close in your life. It might be that down the road you decide to teach or you might be so fired up you can’t wait to teach. Our highest commitment is for you to follow your soul’s highest purpose and evolution. We are here to support you. Through the program, you will meet fantastic people and make lifetime connections. We love our community!
Will my yoga practice grow stronger? Will my voice grow clearer/louder if I complete this teacher training?
As a yoga practitioner, we are always under transformation. During this program, every day you will have an opportunity to grow and expand as an individual if you make the choice to show and be 100% committed and willing to learn. The training does include a lot of practice teaching time and sharing in a group setting as well as a one on one setting. The program is a safe place to practice your public speaking skills and learn to cultivate the power of personal expression. The participants are heavily supported by staff members constantly coaching you and giving up tips on moving through the fear of speaking in your personal power or simply just learning to communicate to others how you are feeling at that moment. The Yoga Stand encourages healthy communication.
What does “Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training” mean?
Yoga Alliance creates a structure that legitimizes teacher-training programs. They created the criteria that studios need to meet in order for training to be endorsed. The Yoga Stand created the curriculum around the 200-hour Yoga Alliance standards. Since then, Yoga Alliance has certified our 200-hour teacher training and The Yoga Stand is committed to continuing to meet their expectations as they deliver future training.
Will I be able to get a yoga-teaching job when this is over?
If all the components of the training have been met, you will receive a 200-hour yoga certification for our program. Almost all studios, gyms, and other facilities offering yoga require a minimum of 200 hours of yoga teacher training. In that regard, you will absolutely be qualified.

At The Yoga Stand, we are committed to creating a culture rich with its own vibe and high-quality teachings true to yoga. We are also committed to developing high-quality passionate teachers. We pour our heart and soul into this program. We will invest in each and every participant. While we are unable to declare that we will hire everyone, The Yoga Stand has created an internship program that reflects our commitment to the growth for those interested in taking their teaching to the next level.

Why should I choose The Yoga Stand to complete my yoga teacher certification?
TYS will stand behind you and our certification of you as a teacher. If you want to experience real change, solid education and create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime, the TYS Teacher Training program is for you. Join us!


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