Melissa began practicing yoga in early 2011. After many years of jogging and aerobic exercising, she had to stop because of crippling arthritis pain. Yoga had always interested her but she had never tried it.

“The Yoga Stand had just opened and I’ll never forget my first day, I fell in love with it. Although I was stiff, weak and in pain, I knew that yoga was the only way for me to find health again.”

After the first month, she became a member, averaging 4-5 days a week. Fast forward to the present…… today she is healthier, stronger and more pain-free! “Hot power vinyasa yoga has given me back my life. Now I get to share my love for yoga as a teacher. I want each of you to experience the long-lasting benefits of yoga as a part of your overall health program. I want you to get your healthy life back.”

In 2014, Melissa completed her 200 HR RYT Certification at The Yoga Stand. As Melissa says, “The Teacher Training program was life-changing. What surprised me was it was beneficial to have the time to process and practice what we learned each weekend training. I am beyond blessed with the relationships that were born from this training. I can’t wait to take classes from my co-graduates!”

“What does hot power vinyasa yoga mean to me? It means Life! Health! Happiness! and Peace! It means Energy! Flexibility! and Strength! It’s a real blessing to be able to teach yoga to you.”

Melissa is 200 HR RYT Certified through The Yoga Stand Teacher Training School.


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