“The truth of our freedom carries the price of guilt.” ~Deborah Adele

What a quandary this presents. Just finding yourself and being yourself is a source of guilt. Don’t we have enough guilt sources already?

We’ve all experienced growth that led us to stray from certain friendships simply because they didn’t fit us anymore. We once belonged, and now we don’t.

Maybe you’ve outgrown your college friends or, as you’ve matured, you’ve developed a political view that differs from that of your family. None of this makes you a bad person. It simply means you are living your truth.

Humans have an inherent need to belong at the same time they have a need to expand and grow.

Sometimes the two just don’t mesh.

Every group we belong to has rules, written or simply unspoken, that we must follow to continue to belong in the group. Country, culture, age group, race, religion, gender, workplace, family…each has well defined requirements (rules and/or belief systems) for membership. These written and unspoken rules and belief systems are what gives each group its identity.

As long as our need for growth and expansion does not conflict with the guidelines of each group, it’s all good.

But when the need to grow conflicts with the need to belong, there’s a choice to make. Do you ignore your need for growth in order to belong or do you grow and no longer belong?

Do you follow your truth or stay the status quo?

Next Week: We are staying on the Path to Peace with our series on Satya/Truthfulness — we’ll embrace truth instead of running from it. Because we all run from it. Stay tuned for this and more!