I decided to become a Certified Yoga Instructor after hitting my lowest low in life. After doing self-improvement work & introspection, my spirit was being drawn to The Yoga Stands’ Teacher Training Program. I took a breath in as I closed my eyes and followed my intuition. I’m very thankful I did because I found a fire within myself that has helped guide me to be the empowered teacher, energy/bodyworker, and yogi that I am today. I love yoga because it has helped me find the essence of me and my existence–healing and wellness.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I’ve learned a plethora of tools from the trade, such as anatomy, kinesiology, PNF, etc. I had a vision for my healing practice and that was for it to be Body, Mind and Spirit.

However, never being involved in any type of sports when I was younger, I had a huge disconnection to my physical body. After learning to practice pranayama (breath) in yoga, I was able to exit my mind and enter my body. It was there, on my mat, that I found a deeper understanding and love for the artistry of my work.

In both my careers as an Intuitive Bodyworker and a Certified Yoga Instructor I use all my various training and certifications so that you receive the most healing experience here at The Yoga Stand.

Join me in my classes where we will flow like water, be strong like earth, hot like fire, and find space like air. Together we will celebrate community and share the gift of yoga. I look forward to seeing you on the mat! Love and Light, Namaste.

Kadie is 200 HR RYT Certified through The Yoga Stand Teacher Training School.


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