The wrists are not worth “working through the pain.”  I think so many times we push through old injuries thinking  “no pain, then no gain.”  It has been my experience it is best to practice discriminating discernment, Viveka, for your wrists.  Learn to distinguish if something is truly pain or is it just discomfort.  If it is discomfort then work through it.  A pain is most likely your body telling you to stop, back up, slow down and reconsider the amount of pressure you are experiencing in your body.

If you are working with the rehabilitation of your wrists here are a few tips to support your healing.  During your practice consider dropping to your forearms in downward dog and side plank poses.  When you are on your forearms make a fist with your hands that will encourage the strength building of the ligaments, muscle and myofascial tissue around the wrist joint.  You can also use flat palms while on forearms as well.  Adding the extra flare of making a fist will help with your recovery.  It is great to alternate both positions.  If you would like to reduce the risk and harm to your wrists consider decreasing the frequency of poses like Chaturanga, Crow, Handstands, etc.

One pose that I love to suggest for students with risk issues is the traditional plank pose.  It incorporates the need to strengthen the core so the wrists are not overburdened or overworked. It is also a great measuring tool to see how much pressure you can handle on the wrists. You can modify high plank pose by taking knees as you build up to full strength on two straight legs. Also, work in some extra child’s poses throughout the practice to remove all weight bearing on the wrists.

One final suggestion is to order something called yoga jellies.  This is a great product is you work with your hands all day such as a reflexologist or massage therapist.  The jellies work wonderful as you recover from a wrist injury.  The link to the website to order the product is

Remember less is more.  Enjoy 🙂

Ramblings from Haley’s mat……

Heal the Wrists with Yoga_Plank on Forearms Heal the Wrists with Yoga_Plank Pose