Did you know that TYS started in a storage unit? One step at a time, with determination and passion, we grew into our current studio and continue to grow. It’s a dream come true, for sure!

You can get busy accomplishing your goals and dreams today too. These 5 steps will help you get started!

Note: Yes, a tiny bit of “realism” is necessary when planning out any of life’s visions (you probably won’t become an astronaut post-retirement) but realizing big, audacious, fabulous goals is not impossible. In fact, if you can think it, you can do it!

Want to start a business? Go for it!
Dreaming of traveling the world? Make a plan!
Wish you could do a headstand? You can!

Do what people tell you can’t be done.

Implement these steps to get you where you want to go:
1. Ignore the naysayers (including the thoughts in your head). You will hear words like ‘unrealistic,’ ‘impossible,’ ‘crazy,’ and we could go on. Let possibility replace the negative and let the naysayer’s words slide away like water off a duck’s back. After all, what big risks have they taken? What audacious dreams have they achieved?

2. Envision your vision. See yourself living your Big Dream. Picture it in your mind’s eye, create a vision board and write that stuff down (studies have shown you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down). Look at it/read it every morning and then get busy going after it!

3. Surround yourself with other big dreamers! You are the sum total of the 5 people you are with the most. Are you hanging with the dreamers and the doers? With people you admire and respect? Rearrange your time so that you are exposed to people who are doing the things you want to do. Let them rub off on you!

4. Daily (and we mean daily) inspiration. The stories of people who are doing the things and living their dreams. The quotes that fire you up and keep you going. Anything that inspires and motivates you to continue to pursue your lifestyle vision.

5. Take action! Dreams don’t come true when you are dreaming about them. They come true when you take the rock-solid, planned-out, strategically mapped steps to get there. Not perfect action, not even “successful 100% of the time” action. Just make a plan and start it. A journey of 10,000 miles begins with a single step. And we all start at the beginning!

Two things to remember:
Someday is today! And…achieving your dreams will take hard work but regret is much harder to live with.

A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Let us know how we can support you and your dreams.
With Love and Gratitude-
Haley and The TYS Team