I teach yoga because yoga has changed, and continues to change, my life, and I want to share its amazing healing power with others. I came to my first class at TYS in 2014, feeling broken beyond repair after a devastating blow to my personal life. I had lived a healthy lifestyle for years. I had an educational and professional background in a health-related field. I KNEW what to do to take care of myself, but it wasn’t working anymore. The stress and pain in my life and body were destroying me, in spite of my best efforts to counter their impact.

The first time on my mat I intuitively knew that I had discovered something very powerful! It took a while to notice tangible changes, but I was keenly aware that healing things were happening inside me from the very beginning. I committed and came to my mat as often as I could.

The rest is a story that continues to be written. I eventually went through training to become a registered yoga teacher. Soon after, I felt moved to further my training in the areas of therapeutic yoga and postural therapy, which I am currently undertaking.

Today, it is difficult to find adequate words to describe what this practice and the healing “science” of yoga mean to me. Yoga is powerful and natural medicine for the body, mind, and spirit! Yoga is not a religion. Yoga is systematic discipline and focus, breath and reflective movement, letting go and finding space and peace, stilling the mind and seeing beyond our frenetic thoughts. Yoga is learning to stay grounded, and to find balance over and over again. Yoga is learning to soar and grow beyond our perceived limits. Yoga is physical strength, stamina, and flexibility. Yoga is a journey to the soul.

I am so excited for the privilege to be a part of The Yoga Stand community and teaching team. The integrity, loving support, and high standards of this place are over-the-top! I have received and learned so much here!! It is an honor to continue to grow and learn on this journey with you. Namaste.

Donna Is a 500 HR RYT, a C-IAYT intern, and a certified Egoscue Method Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS)


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