“Happiness is a continuation of happenings which are not resisted.


Yoga as a lifestyle. All classes are for everyone, at all levels. So, please… modifications, props, breathe, listen, honor your own body. Own your practice.

Come hydrated. Temps rise in the summer, it’s Texas people!

Reservations always recommended.

Flow hard. Play hard. Be energized. A slow warm up, moving into plenty of sun salutations along with a vinyasa/power yoga style of class. Not necessarily a fast pace, just physical. Movement connected to breath. Encouraging inner body heat, outer sweat, and a heart-pumping ride! Spirituality first. Not just calisthenics. Sweat the dust off your shoulders, your feet rooted to the ground. Your day slowly fades away. Rebalance from the inside out. The class temperature hovers around 85 degrees and in the heat of summer, it can easily climb to 90 and maybe a little more!

Fresh. Calm. Versatile. A slow burn yoga experience that allows for a deeper sense of connection and awareness in your body. A slower vinyasa, maybe a hatha flare, and some gentle restoration. Challenging for most. Expect longer holds. Keep breathing. The light is coming. Exhale into deep release, and finally a sudden smile you just can’t hide! Meticulous cues mean more time to align yourself in the pose. Unwind, and let your day simply slide off your back. Come flow with me, as we be, I am free, to just be me. You’ll leave feeling grounded, stable, centered, inspired, and totally reconnected. Really. Temps around mid 80’s.

What’s Sunday for? Rejuvenation. Restoration. Recommitment. Expect anything from our flow class, slow flow class, seated meditation time, and even long holds in our beloved pigeon pose. Your inner joy shines on the outside. Let’s make it happen. Cultivate the deeper meaning of yoga in your life. Set aside time for you. Start your week off right. Blank slate. Opportunity abounds. Thoroughly rinsed out and ready for anything! Temps around 85.

Yoga is Balance. Stability. Ease. Sthira and Sukha brought to life through dynamic and static movements. Om opens with slow, mindful, therapeutic yoga movements, and moves right into a slow flow to increase energy and vitality with some sweat. A cool down at the end utilizes deep, restorative poses. Haley Bevers, senior teacher, opens your mind with an emphasis on education through self-exploration, discernment, and trusting yourself first. Give it your all, stand tall. Drown yourself in the ultimate healer: self-love. Listen as your soul whispers. Compassion. Ease. Grace. It all awaits. Leave with an overwhelming peace and tranquility. There’s no place like OM. The room temp right at 85. This is a one-of-a-kind class and, therefore, not scheduled on a regular basis. So, reservations please.

A class with music and a vinyasa flow. Less physical cueing so you can enjoy the rhythm and healing presence of the music. What music? Anything from contemporary or spa-like. Oldies, pop, or jazz. Even traditional yoga music, electronic, or carefully selected and sequenced music to enable a deeper mind-body connection. Music as magic, a few beats as treats, where words fail, music speaks. Calm minds, inner awareness. Sync your breath to music. Come experience the energy of yoga with music!

Are you hypermobile? Do you want to increase your strength? Empower yourself through a dynamic blend of athletic vinyasa flow and functional strength building skills to support your yoga practice. Fun. Bold. Tenacious. Shift your perception, cultivate your body communication, and foster sensitivity of breath and body in union. It’s time for thick skin. Walk in faith, toughen up, it’s all about the divine within, that’s the win. Class temperature hovers around 85 degrees and in the heat of summer, it can easily climb to 90 and maybe a little more!


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