Okay so I’m technically “from” Lubbock as I was born here, however, I was raised in Indianapolis for a number of years until we moved back to Lubbock. So while I may not sound like I’m from Texas, I am!

My yoga story probably doesn’t start out much different than any other guys journey towards it. Which is to say that I did not move towards it and in fact did the opposite! I was convinced by everything I saw in media and pop culture it was for girls, and “just stretching.” I was in what I will sum up as the darkest dark I’ve been in, in my life. Multiple tragic things going on some of which just having one of is enough to depress anybody. I had already promised myself I would raise above and not let any of it keep me down, but I was struggling. A friend of mine convinced me to come to yoga and that it would help, and it wasn’t as easy as I thought and I could gain from the physical aspect as well. I was sold after just one class. I went home that day feeling better than I had in months! It wasn’t just me that was happy, it was as if my body was a separate entity from myself and it was also happy for the first time in it’s life. Life of course got better for me which helped, but, it wasn’t just that that made things better. I also got better at also not letting the woes of the world weigh on me and bring me down either. Yoga has changed my life so much so I could go on and on about it. However, to put my training to good use I’ll be as essential as I can and leave it at this: It turned my frown upside down.

My experience with Yoga pretty limited, as I’ve been in Lubbock most of my life, and in Lubbock for the entirety of my yogic life so far. I’ve been doing it for almost 2 years now, and I’ve only experienced Hot Vinyasa but I do look forward to trying out new and different things in the future and attend more training to expand on my knowledge and experience!

Now for the part you’re really here for. Who am I outside the studio? Well, I’m a pretty weird guy since I’m a little eclectic. I listen to a ton of different genres of music but I primarily like to alternative rock, electronic, and the 80’s classics. Things that I’m known to geek out on are video games, psychology, Marvel movies, all things Japan, and German Shepherds. Start talking about any of that around me and you’ll definitely see my face light up. I’ve developed a bit of a green thumb recently by redoing the courtyard at my place with various plants that I’ve successfully kept alive for an entire calendar year. Outside of that, I have the unpopular opinion of preferring cloudy skies and rain over sunshine and enjoy walking just for the sake of walking. Not quite weird enough to be a runner. I could go on and on glowing about myself here but I’d rather do it in person! I’m a little introverted so you might have to start the conversation, but I do genuinely enjoy talking and getting to know everyone that goes to TYS!

Chris is 200 HR RYT Certified through The Yoga Stand Teacher Training School.


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