I can’t tell you much about the first time I took a yoga class except that there was a moment while figuring out what the heck chaturanga is, that I realized there is something magical happening in my mind and body. I recall being so enlightened by this concept that I told my mom about it as soon as I got home and insisted she come with me to the next class. I was 16 at the time and if you would have told me then that I would embark on a journey of becoming a yogi and many years later become a teacher, I would have giggled. 
From that time, I dabbled in and out of practices, catching a random class here and there, watching a video from time to time. My nomadic lifestyle never afforded me the opportunity to find a studio home but it didn’t matter. Any time I walked into a space, legitimately at times this space was an open road off of a long highway as I was traveling through, but that didn’t matter. The moment I placed my feet on my mat, I was home. In what oftentimes feels like a chaotic and ever-changing world, I have been able to find a constant in my life. A place of peace, serenity, grace, SURRENDER, and the solid ground I had always been seeking. 
Fast forward some years later while living in Austin, TX, I realized I had to become a teacher. It didn’t feel like an option to me, rather a calling. It took me another four years (and a move to Lubbock, TX)  that the perfect opportunity arose and I was able to take that next step towards living out my calling. I am currently pursuing a degree in Ayurveda, which translates to the knowledge of life, a natural system of medicine that originated in India. 
In the coming years, I intend to expand our local reach, creating awareness and opportunities for others to experience the many benefits that the practice of yoga and wellness has to offer. Stop in and flow with me as we ground in, move and breathe with intention and create the lives we all deserve to live in peace, in harmony, in love.

Cassandra is 200 HR RYT Certified through The Yoga Stand Teacher Training School.


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