The Path To Peace: Satya (Truthfulness)
Can You Be Real and Still Be Nice?

We are back on our Path to Peace post-holiday! We had a lovely time with friends and family celebrating everything we have to be grateful for in America. We hope you had just as much as fun if not more! We are rested, rejuvenated and ready to continue on our Path. Let’s dive back in!

In our last Path to Peace post we covered the concept of Satya (truthfulness) in the Yama of Patanjali’s 8 Limbed Path to yoga. Our next few posts will deep dive into this concept.

Today’s Satya Topic: Can you be real and still be nice?

How many lies did you tell today? How many lies did you act out today? Did you do the opposite of what you really wanted to do at any point today? Just because you “should…” C’mon—be honest. Even little white lies count.
Why do we lie? Sometimes it’s because we are afraid to not fit in. Or because we are allowing the societal “should do’s” take over our very own “want to’s.”

Do you present a certain type of “you” depending upon the people you are around at the moment? Maybe “you at work” is different from “you at home.” Or “you on a date” is different from “you with your friends.” Any presentation of you that isn’t real is not the truth. It is an imposed image of what you think you should be. Based on societal and familial expectations, most likely.

Living “real” is living from the heart of you. The center of your essence. When you live real, you live from a place that doesn’t need defending or managing. Real may not always be what we want from those around us, however, it does prevent any ugly surprises that may arise from our loved ones (and ourselves) having held in truth so long when it finally comes out, it’s dangerously inappropriate.

Regularly editing your truth (your behavior, your words, your authenticity) to comply with the expectations of others can cause long-term damage, mentally and physically. Your excitement for life will dissipate and you will begin to look for fulfillment in other, possibly harmful, ways. Too much alcohol, indulging in bad foods, hours of television—all ways of escaping our reality. Too many shoulds and should nots will cause a misdirection of energy and a defeatist attitude.

When you let go of the specific societal pressures that are holding back your truth, you free up so much positive energy! Your creative juices will flow, doors that were seemed to always be closed for you will open and those around you will benefit from your new vitality and viewpoints. On the other side, suppressing your authentic wants and needs will use up all your valuable energy simply by managing all that pretending.

Think about what might be causing you to bury your truth. To say yes when you really mean no. To be outwardly appropriate when it’s inwardly inappropriate. What is so dangerous about the truth that a lie feels safer?

By choosing the safety of belonging over our need to grow and live our authentic (and truthful) lives, we dull ourselves and our energy. Choose to live your authentic life.

And to answer the original question—Yes, it is absolutely possible to be real and nice.

Next week: Belonging vs. Growing – the tug o’ war of the mind. It’s good stuff. Tune back in next week and tell your friends and family to join us! We are all in this together, you know. 😉