In 2010, I saw the billboard for The Yoga Stand and was intrigued but non-committal. Over the next year or so, I was repeatedly invited by a friend to attend a yoga class at TYS and, in 2012, I finally went to my first class! I have now completed my 200 RYT certification through TYS and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

After years of competitive body-building and even winning national championships, the need to offset my intense weightlifting was becoming increasingly noticeable on my flexibility. As in, I knew my toes were down there somewhere, I just couldn’t get to them! I had no idea as I started this practice the mental and physical connection that would be created.

Bodybuilding was good to me. It created strength and mental focus and allowed me to compete with myself and others. At the same time, it created a juggling of wills between my body and mind, usually in the form of my mind telling my body to ignore what it was feeling and push through. I called it mental toughness, but really it was a disconnection between my physical and mental being.

As I started practicing at The Yoga Stand, I realized those didn’t have to be completely separate entities. So much more can be created when the body and the mind flow together! This body/mind connection is something I’m so excited to share with others and have fun at the same time! See you on your mat!

Brynn is 200 HR RYT Certified through The Yoga Stand Teacher Training School.


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