My yoga journey began in the fall of 2017 while I was a student at Texas Tech University. My initial approach to this practice could be considered non-traditional because I never once stepped into a studio for almost the first two years of my practice. Instead, I relied on a home-practice, using apps to guide me. Throughout college, I always felt pulled in different directions concerning what I wanted to do with my life. I also had a habit of consistently changing my mind about where I wanted my future to go. Then yoga came in to save the day, as it is one of the only things I’ve really been able to stick to.

When I began yoga, I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was for vanity purposes. Instagram yogis filled my explore page and I remember thinking, “Wow, they look really cool. I bet I can do that.” So, I gave yoga a shot and slowly discovered that is it so much more than mastering new poses and completing a good workout. Yoga is about connection. Connection to yourself and your own soul, as well as a connection to others.

Upon graduating from TTU in the spring of 2019, I was at a loss of where to go, so I clung to yoga even more. As my home practice began to shift towards mindfulness around this time, I felt as if the universe was telling me that I needed to dive deeper and find a way to further educate myself about yoga. So, I took to google and looked up teacher training courses, which lead me right to The Yoga Stand. After meeting with Haley and determining if I was a good fit for the program, I took my first in-studio class at TYS and haven’t looked back since.

There really is something so magical about a group of people joining together for a small portion of the day to work up a sweat and find a few moments of peace. The positive and welcoming energy that Haley and the other amazing teachers have cultivated at TYS is really gift for all who walk through the door. I can only hope to continue to feed this good energy and further connect with Lubbock’s wonderful yoga community as I continue to learn and grow as a teacher here at The Yoga Stand.

Beth is 200 HR RYT Certified through The Yoga Stand Teacher Training School.


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