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Ever wonder why you start a diet you don’t complete, why you go back to the refrigerator over and over again when you’re not hungry, and why you can’t lose the weight, overcome the illness, or exercise like you want to? Feel like you’re hitting an invisible wall, but don’t know what it is?

Well get ready for an ah-hah moment because you’re about to learn about some powerful invisible barriers to your health that I call “Blockages”.

If you’ve ever played Monopoly, you may relate to that sinking feeling when you get taken back to the start line over and over again or getting thrown in jail right as you’re having success. That’s how it feels in your body when these blockages are present. You just get stuck and can’t seem to make progress no matter how hard you try.

From my personal and health coaching experience, I’m going to share with you the 7 most common blockages keeping you from a body and life you can love.

These are not physical blockages, you cannot see them, but you certainly can feel them, and they dramatically affect your body in profound ways.

Obviously, there are nutritional and practical things that need to be done for us to heal, such as nutrient-dense foods, intelligent supplementation, certain therapies, intuitive exercise – all that is great, but when these “blockages” are present, they keep us from being able to DO those practical things we know to do.

Here they are.

  1. The Secret Inner SetPoint – Like an inner glass ceiling, this blockage keeps you stuck at a level of health you don’t want. Created by cultural conditioning/social norms and family culture, it’s the, “I don’t want others to feel bad” mindset. In other words, if you begin to experience vibrant health, lose the weight, and actually succeed, there’s an underlying fear that you’ll hurt other people so you jump right back into self-diminishment to avoid it happening again. It’s important to know that the CORE of this blockage is simply a desire to be connected to other people but if unprocessed, it hijacks your ability to take care of yourself in a way that is authentic to you.
  1. The #1 Mindset that keeps you stuck – this unconscious mindset is so familiar to most people that it’s hard to clearly identify. So common, but so devastating to your health. It’s the inner nagging feeling that “There’s something wrong with me”. “I’m messed up at my Core.” An inner sense of unworthiness that is activated by the most powerful negative driver in your life: SHAME. Shame says, “I have to work hard to be valuable”. “I should be someone else”, “I don’t deserve being loved until I_______ (fill in the blank).” So we get stuck in a cycle of “do better, try harder” in our health. Always working to become something, we feed this mindset of shame and it disrupts our entire physiology. This blockage is often rooted in past events or trauma.
  1. The Self-Sabotage Cycle – This is a biggie. A very specific set of conflicting beliefs that stem from your relationship with the authority figures in your life. Notice what happens when you begin a diet or put any food restrictions on yourself. Do you inwardly rebel, sabotage your efforts, or give up quickly? This inner sabotage mechanism is all about how our minds unconsciously relate past experiences with our authority figures to food and our identity. When unprocessed, this powerful driver can keep you stuck for years, until you know how to work with it.
  1. The Hidden “Downside” – What do you unconsciously fear you might lose if you get better? Relationship or connection? Your current job or career? Even though you desperately want your health back, is there an underlying fear that something big might change if you do? This blockage keeps you from making progress with your health – and keeps you stuck because of what you fear might happen if you get better.
  1. The Voice of “Not Enough” – This is a mentality usually programed into us at an early age if we experienced lack or scarcity. Since our minds are literally wired for survival, what you’ll likely feel if you have this blockage is a chronic low-grade panic around not enough energy, not enough money, not enough food, not enough..…etc. Weight gain is common with this one because somewhere the subconscious mind adopted the idea that there was never going to be enough, so you might as well store up while you can. Who knows what could happen, right? So better safe than sorry.
  1. Resistance to being “weird” – This blockage is a resistance to being labeled (“health-nut”, “granola-girl”, “crunchy mom”) and being seen as “one of those people”. Also a fear of being overly obsessed with health with the thought, “I don’t want this taking over my life”.
  1. Overwhelm – ‘Nuff said. I don’t have to tell you that the health world is inundated with information overload. We don’t know where to turn, or what to do because there’s so much darn data and nutritional information. This blockage usually stems from a disconnection from own inner guidance. When you’re overwhelmed, you’re following someone else’s guidance system, and it’s messing up your inner compass. So it’s vitally important to sort through this blockage so you can begin to listen to your intuition…what I call, your “Knower”, so you can step into personal power for your health and life.

Ok, deep breath.

Are you beginning to understanding yourself a little bit better? Maybe with a bit more compassion?

Imagine what would happen if even one of these blockages were cleared away so you could live in sparkling clarity about your health and actually begin to experience what you’ve always thought was an impossible hope?

What would it FEEL like to walk around in that version of YOU?

The good news that underneath all these blockages, there is something deeper in you that is really good. A deep and insatiable desire for authenticity, personal power, unconditional love for yourself, your body, others, and so much more. Once you clear away these blockages, not only can others see the Light in you, but you can begin to see it in yourself.


About Anna:
Anna Hinds is a Health Coach, certified with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Yoga Instructor, EFT Practitioner and Theophostic Prayer Facilitator. She has combined these modalities to create the programs,, “Identity-Based Nutrition” and “LoveHunger”- which are intriguing new approaches to health, working with the underlying reasons that block people from experiencing their best health.

“My lifelong quest has been to discover how human beings can live fully alive in their body and life, without rigid diets, punishing exercise and the heaviness that often accompanies our cultural perspective of what health means. Using a mind-body approach, I specifically work with inner self-beliefs that cause nutritional confusion, emotional eating, food cravings, self-sabotage, resistance to loving forward, helping people learn the language of the body and using Intuitive Eating and Intuitive Movement to gain lasting results.”