In my last post I talked about the 7 blockages keeping you can love (read HERE if you’re interested). Blockage #7 is “Overwhelm” – where we tend throw in the towel due to discouragement about the overwhelming amount of nutritional information, frustration from past experiences, too many nutritional contradictory messages and we just don’t know where to turn.

When that happens, it’s a telltale sign that we’ve been following someone else’s guidance system and lost touch with our own. Remember, your body not only has the incredible ability to heal itself, it also has the ability to communicate with you. This inner compass/guidance system can give you intel on what foods to eat and when, what exercise/movement will give you the best results, etc.

Sometimes it just takes a little self inquiry to get us headed in the right direction again. And questions are magical because they get our mind and body open to a conversation. A little roundtable discussion so to speak…

As you read this, don’t just ask the questions. Feel into them. Be open to whatever comes up even if it doesn’t make sense to you right now.


Magical Question #1 – What’s not working for me?
The answer to this question could be something as simple as noticing which foods are not working for you, and replacing them with ones that are more congruent for the life you want. Think: are these foods making me feel lethargic, bloated, or unhappy? (Remember: food affects mood). Note what foods or habits perhaps used to work for you, but are no longer working and becoming energy vampires in your life.

Or take it a little deeper. Notice: Are these critical thoughts running through my mind helping or hurting me? Are these self-beliefs helping me move forward or keeping me stuck? Self-beliefs such as, “I’ve just have bad genes”, “my whole family is overweight, so I guess I’m destined to be this way”, “I’m stuck with this issue and just have to live with it.” What if that were not true? What if the only thing blocking you from a better experience in your body are your thoughts and beliefs about it?

Questions like these require getting honest with yourself. But know this: honesty leads to healing. Or as Haley Bevers would put it, “honesty and healing pair together like good wine and cheese.”

Honesty is like a good friend you’ll want to cultivate a relationship with. You’ll be so glad you did.

Magical Question #2 – What’s possible for me?
Are you holding yourself back from the possibility that you could experience more in your body? That you could experience the lightness and energizing hope of loving the skin you’re in? What if within you a universe of incredible healing potential?

Tap into hope that. There are legitimate blockages within you, but they are not YOU. At your core is your own inner doctor. No one lives inside your skin except you. And you’ve been given the wisdom for it.

Magical Question #3 – What’s the next right action?
In iRest, the modality my friend Rachelle teaches, there’s a term, “spontaneous right action” that I love. This spontaneous action comes from a place of being in alignment with your inner compass and is a natural outcome of love for yourself and your body. I like to ask the question this way, “What’s the most loving thing I could do for my body in this moment?”

Take one thing at a time. Dare greatly in baby steps. Every little thing you do for your body will lead you in an upward spiral of health.

About Anna:
Anna Hinds is a Health Coach, certified with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Yoga Instructor, EFT Practitioner and Theophostic Prayer Facilitator. She has combined these modalities to create the programs,, “Identity-Based Nutrition” and “LoveHunger”- which are intriguing new approaches to health, working with the underlying reasons that block people from experiencing their best health.

“My lifelong quest has been to discover how human beings can live fully alive in their body and life, without rigid diets, punishing exercise and the heaviness that often accompanies our cultural perspective of what health means. Using a mind-body approach, I specifically work with inner self-beliefs that cause nutritional confusion, emotional eating, food cravings, self-sabotage, resistance to loving forward, helping people learn the language of the body and using Intuitive Eating and Intuitive Movement to gain lasting results.”